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Are you suffering from intense tooth pain and sensitivity that feels unbearable at times? You may be experiencing pain due to an infected or decaying tooth that is in need of root canal treatment. A tooth infection that is not treated can lead to serious oral health complications and can even cause you to lose the tooth.

At Dentist of Gardena, your comfort and oral health is our top priority. Our root canal treatment can remove the infection and in many cases can save the infected tooth from removal.

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that removes infected tissue from inside a tooth, preserving the exterior structure. If an infection has reached the interior pulp of the tooth, a root canal may be able to save your tooth from extraction. Our experienced root canal dentist uses the most advanced technology and techniques during the root canal process. We also offer several sedation options to keep you comfortable throughout your procedure.

Root Canal Gardena
Root Canal Dentist

Benefits Of Root Canal Treatment

  • Relieves extreme tooth pain and swelling
  • Reduces painful tooth sensitivity
  • Saves your natural tooth from extraction
  • Prevents the spread of infection to neighboring teeth
  • Removes the need for costly tooth replacement

What Is The Root Canal Treatment Process?

When you first visit our office, we'll perform an initial exam and consultation, as well as take x-rays to understand the extent of the infection or decay present. Our experienced dentist will go over all your treatment options and help you make the best choice for your oral health.

Before we begin your root canal procedure, we will safely administer your chosen sedation option to ensure your comfort during treatment. Our skilled dentist will gently clean out any decayed or infected soft tissue from the interior of your tooth. The area will then be sealed with a special dental compound to prevent any further infection or bacteria from entering the site. We will then treat the area with a filling that is expertly matched to the color of your teeth. We may also recommend a dental crown to give the tooth added strength and function.

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