Dentures Gardena, CA

Are you tired of not being able to eat your favorite foods, or talk and laugh normally? If tooth loss has disrupted your quality of life, dentures are an affordable way to restore your smile and get back to living again!

At Dentist of Gardena, we offer several options for affordable dentures, and we'll work with you to choose the option that best fits your individual needs. You don't have to wait any longer to get the comfortable and beautiful smile you deserve.

Types of Dentures

  • Partial Dentures: are recommended when several of your natural teeth still remain. Partial dentures restore your smile by filling in the gaps from missing teeth using clasps attached to your remaining teeth.
  • Complete Dentures: provide you with a full set of replacement teeth, created as two arches, when none of your natural teeth remain. Complete dentures are fully removable to allow for cleaning.
  • Overdentures: are complete or partial dentures that attach comfortably to either your existing natural teeth or to dental implants.
Dentures Gardena CA
Dentures Gardena

Benefits of Dentures

  • Allows you to eat your favorite foods worry free
  • Gives you the ability to speak and smile again
  • Affordable and cost-effective tooth replacement option
  • Protects your jaw and gums from oral health complications due to missing teeth
  • Natural-looking and beautiful

What Is The Denture Process?

To start the denture process, we'll begin with a comprehensive exam and consultation with our experienced Medi-Cal denture dentist. We will also take digital x-rays to get a complete picture of your mouth and discuss which denture option is best for you.

We will then take a mold of your mouth to create your custom dentures. This mold will be used to ensure that your dentures fit comfortably and securely. At a follow up appointment, our dentist will install your completed dentures and go over the basics on how to care for them. At Dentist of Gardena, we are committed to making sure you are satisfied with your dentures and we'll make adjustments to their fit as needed.

Restore Your Comfort And Oral Health!

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