Dental Checkups Gardena

Making time to take care of your oral health is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy. At Dentist of Gardena, we offer convenient dental appointments, so your family will never miss out on getting the care you need!

Regular dental checkups can keep your smile healthy and looking great, and they also allow our dentist to detect any potential dental issues before they turn into problems. Our experienced staff and Medi-Cal dentist love working with patients of all ages, and we always take the time to understand your unique dental needs.

What Is A Dental Checkup?

At Dentist of Gardena, we encourage all our patients to visit our office twice a year for a routine dental checkup. During a dental checkup, we will take any necessary x-rays, thoroughly examine your teeth and gums, and perform a dental cleaning. Our dentist will take special care to look for any developing dental problems which can save you from dealing with costly future oral health complications.

During your teeth cleaning, our dental hygienist will gently remove bacteria and tartar that has accumulated around the gumline and leave you with a refreshed smile!

Dental Checkup Gardena CA
Dental Checkups Gardena CA

Dental Checkup Benefits

  • Removes potentially harmful plaque and bacteria
  • Allows us to detect potential oral health issues
  • Saves you money by performing regular oral health maintenance
  • Gives you a fresh and healthy feeling smile
  • Helps contribute to your overall health

What Is The Dental Checkup Process?

When you first visit Dentist of Gardena for your routine checkup, we will start by taking necessary x-rays of your mouth and jaw. These low-radiation, digital x-rays allow our dentist to immediately get a complete picture of your oral health. Our dentist will take the time to go over any new or existing dental concerns you may be experiencing and will then create a recommended treatment plan customized just for you.

Once we have discussed your overall oral health, our dental hygienist will begin your standard or deep teeth cleaning. During this process we will remove tartar from the surface of your teeth and gums, as well as thoroughly floss and brush your teeth to remove any leftover debris. Your teeth will then be polished to a natural shine, leaving you with a fresh and clean feeling smile!

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