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Dental bridges are a popular tooth replacement option that is often recommended when dental implants are not possible. Dental bridges restore the look and function of your smile, while preventing further oral health complications due to tooth loss.

At Dentist of Gardena, we offer several types of dental bridges and our experienced dentist will work with you to ensure that we select the best option for your smile.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a dental restoration option that replaces one or more missing teeth through the use of crowns or wings placed on neighboring teeth for support. We offer three different types of dental bridges including:

  • Maryland Bonded Bridge - This is the least invasive bridge option available. It uses wings attached to your adjacent teeth to stay secure.
  • Traditional Bridge - A traditional bridge provides a long-lasting hold by anchoring an artificial tooth to crowns placed onto your adjacent teeth.
  • Cantilever Bridge - A cantilever bridge is recommended for cases when only a single tooth exists in your mouth to secure the bridge.
Dental Bridge Gardena CA
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Dental Bridges Benefits

  • Restores the beautiful appearance of your smile
  • Creates a secure foundation so you can eat normally again
  • Provides a fixed tooth replacement solution with no need to remove
  • Prevents damaging future oral health complication from missing teeth

The Dental Bridge Process

To begin the dental bridge process, we'll take x-rays of your mouth and perform a comprehensive examination. Our experienced dentist will then create an individualized treatment plan and determine which type of bridge will work best for you.

Next, we will take impressions of your mouth to guarantee that your bridge is customized to your exact specifications and prepare your natural teeth for either crowns or wings. While your permanent bridge is being created we will fit you for a temporary bridge. Once your permanent bridge is ready, we will securely place the bridge in your mouth and you will be able to enjoy your restored smile! The dental bridge process typically takes several months to complete.

Restore Your Smile With A Dental Bridge!

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