Deep Dental Cleaning Gardena, CA

If you have large amounts of plaque buildup beneath your gum line, a professional deep teeth cleaning can help reduce your discomfort and restore your healthy smile.

At Dentist of Gardena, our experienced dentists and dental hygienists are skilled at gently removing these harmful plaque deposits during a deep dental cleaning. It is important to remove plaque as soon as possible to prevent tooth decay or the development of serious gum disease.

What is a Deep Cleaning?

A deep dental cleaning is a process that involves the removal of heavy plaque deposits that exist below the gum line. Unlike a routine teeth cleaning that only focuses on cleaning the surface of your teeth, a deep cleaning goes beneath the gum line to remove this dangerous plaque. Our dentist will recommend a deep cleaning when a standard dental cleaning is not enough to eliminate the volume of existing plaque present.

Deep Dental Cleaning Gardena CA
Deep Dental Cleaning Near Me Gardena CA

Benefits of a Deep Dental Cleaning

  • Removes potentially harmful plaque and bacteria from beneath your gum line
  • Reduces discomfort and pain caused by plaque buildup
  • Restores the health and function of your smile
  • Prevents serious future oral health conditions such as tooth decay

The Deep Teeth Cleaning Process

During your first visit to our office, we will start with a full examination of your smile. This will include a consultation with our dentist to discuss your dental concerns and the taking of any necessary x-rays so we can get a clear picture of your overall oral health.

Once our dentist has determined that a deep dental cleaning is right for you, we'll begin the teeth cleaning process by administering any needed sedation. We will then work to gently remove the built up plaque and bacteria from below the surface of your gums. Deep dental cleanings can be performed in one or more visits to our office, depending on the amount of existing plaque and your overall comfort level during treatment.

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