Composite Fillings Gardena, CA

If you are suffering from discomfort caused by tooth decay, a composite filling may be able to help. Composite fillings restore the look and functionality of your tooth, while protecting it from further damage.

Composite fillings are natural-looking, so we can effectively treat your tooth decay without the unattractive appearance of traditional metal fillings. At Dentist of Gardena we offer high-quality dental services for Medi-Cal patients. We'll work with you to restore your healthy smile at an affordable price.

What Are Composite Dental Fillings?

Composite dental fillings are custom-made from a high-quality acrylic, plastic and quartz mixture. This state-of-the-art material is applied to small holes in your tooth caused by dental decay. Composite dental fillings are precisely matched to the color of your existing natural teeth, so your filling will be unnoticeable to others. Once applied, a filling also protects your tooth from further decay.

Composite Fillings Gardena CA
Composite Dental Filling Gardena CA

Benefits of Composite Fillings

  • Stops the progression of tooth decay
  • Affordable tooth restoration option
  • Protects your tooth from debris and bacteria
  • Natural-looking appearance
  • Long lasting treatment option with proper dental care

What Is the Composite Filling Process?

During your first visit in our office, our experienced dentist will examine your teeth and we'll take any necessary x-rays. We will then create a customized treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Our dentist will start by gently treating the cavity and removing any decay or bacteria present on the tooth. We will then use our specialized composite material to fill the spaces left behind by the tooth decay. Once the filling has hardened, our dentist will smooth and polish the surface to ensure that your bite is comfortable.

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